Outsourcing of Data Protection Officer


Outsourcing of Data Protection Officer – Inquire now online: S+P offers outsourcing solutions for the data protection officer. For the establishment of a data protection organization, we assume the following tasks (Outsourcing of Data Protection Officer):

  • Appointment as data protection officer
  • As data protection officer, we monitor the compliance with the DS-GVO and other legal requirements, including the requirements of further privacy policy guidelines of the company.
  • As data protection officer, we advise and inform the management regarding existing data protection obligations and are responsible for communication with supervisory authorities.
  • Selected processes are checked randomly, risk-oriented and at appropriate intervals for their data protection compliance.
  • As data protection officer we take over our tasks without instructions and using the necessary specialist knowledge. We report directly to the management.

You wish a free offer for your outsourcing of the data protection officer. We are happy to help. Inquire now online: Send your request directly to the S & P Team Compliance, Email: compliance@sp-parnters.de

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Outsourcing Data Protection Officer


Data protection compliance: Complete protection for your company

S+P Compliance Services is a leading provider of compliance services. We offer our customers the opportunity to concentrate on their core business while we take care of all  compliance-related tasks. In addition, we support our customers in designing and implementing compliance measures. With our experience and know-how, you are fully covered.

S+P Compliance Services is an  independent service provider that offers its customers complete solutions for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. We are active in the areas of financial companies and non-financial  companies and support our clients in identifying and minimizing risks and complying with legal requirements.

S+P Compliance Services enables companies to outsource their compliance officer and thus save costs. We take full responsibility for your compliance activities and ensure that you remain in line with all legal requirements.

We can help you get as much or as little compliance support as you need. All you have to do is contact us and we will take care of the rest.

– One stop shopping for compliance services

– Cost-efficient and flexible

– Individual solutions for your needs

– Time savings through one-stop shopping

– Compliance outsourcing for companies of all sizes

We make sure that you can fully concentrate on your business – S+P  Outsourcing: outsourcing officers.


Ensuring sufficient data protection compliance

To ensure sufficient compliance in data protection, the following 12 compliance obligations must be implemented:

  1. Awareness: The management must familiarize itself with the new data protection regulations.
  2. Data protection officer: Companies must appoint a data protection officer if required by law and publish the appointment and report it to the relevant data protection supervisory authority from May 25, 2018.
  3. Record of processing activities: Companies must identify and document what personal data they process, where the personal data comes from and with whom it is shared.
  4. Legal bases: For all processing of personal data, the legal permission standards must be identified and documented in a company.
  5. Information security, privacy by design, privacy by default, data protection impact assessment: Companies must expand their existing information security to include data protection risk management and comply with the principles of privacy by design and privacy by default.
  6. Rights of data subjects: Companies must train and operate procedures for dealing with the rights of data subjects in accordance with the law.
  7. Requests for information: Companies must ensure that they can issue requests for information from data subjects in full within the prescribed period of time.
  8. Order processing: Companies must have concluded the prescribed contracts for order processing and regularly check the data protection-compliant service provision.
  9. Data Protection Statements: Companies must review existing data protection statements and update them if necessary.
  10. Consent: Companies must organize how they formulate, obtain and archive consents in compliance with data protection regulations.
  11. Data Leaks: Organizations must ensure they have mechanisms in place to detect, deal with and report data leaks within the 72 hour deadline.
  12. Employee training: Companies must train their own employees so that they are able to fulfill their data protection obligations. This training must be documented.


One stop shopping: Our compliance service is the best for you

One stop shopping : We offer you a complete outsourcing service tailored to your needs. So you can fully concentrate on your day-to-day business. Compliance: Our experienced specialists constantly monitor compliance with all relevant compliance guidelines. So you can be sure that your company is always up to date.

We specialize in providing financial and non-financial corporate services. With S+P Compliance Services you get access to the best compliance experts in the industry. We offer you the compliance functions required by law.

Assessing compliance with laws and regulations on data protection compliance

We regularly review your business operations to ensure you comply with all legal requirements. If we find a problem, we’ll let you know immediately and help you fix the problem.

Advice on compliance issues

We advise you on all aspects of your compliance strategy. We help you to develop a compliance policy that is specially tailored to your company. We also support you in the implementation and monitoring of these guidelines.

Training and education of employees in matters of data protection compliance

A key aspect of our services is the training and education of your employees. We ensure that all employees are informed about the applicable laws and regulations and how to implement them in their daily work. We also offer regular training so that your employees are always up to date with the latest developments.

S+P Compliance Services – we make sure that you can fully concentrate on your business. With our experience and know-how, we guarantee you complete security.


The 5 most frequently asked questions about data protection compliance

1. What is compliance and what is it for?

Compliance refers to adhering to legal and regulatory requirements. These can be specified by industries, countries or organizations. S+P Compliance Services support companies in meeting these requirements. The most common legal and regulatory requirements include financial company regulations, data protection regulations, anti-money laundering laws and anti-corruption laws.

2. What compliance services are there?

S+P Compliance Services are services that support companies in complying with legal and regulatory requirements. The most important goals of compliance services are to minimize the risk of penalties, fines or claims for damages and to increase the company’s reputation. S+P compliance services include advice, training, monitoring and reporting.

3. What are the benefits of compliance services?

S+P Compliance Services enables companies to outsource their compliance officer and thus save costs. We take full responsibility for your  compliance activities  and ensure that you remain in line with all legal requirements.

4. What are the risks of not complying with compliance regulations?

Compliance means adhering to statutory, company-internal or industry-specific regulations. The objective of compliance is to minimize risks for the company and to protect the reputation of the company. Compliance rules are intended to ensure that companies adhere to certain standards. These include, for example, regulations to combat corruption, money laundering or fraud. Environmental regulations or data protection regulations can also be part of a compliance program. Failure to comply with compliance regulations can have significant consequences for a company. On the one hand there are fines or even penalties, on the other hand there can be damage to the image and loss of sales.

5. When does it make sense to use external compliance service providers?

One stop shopping  is the easiest and most convenient way to manage your compliance functions. By outsourcing compliance tasks to a service provider like us, you can focus on what you do best: your core business. As simple as that.